Purpose-built Systems

The right custom computer system solution to effectively address your specific requirements for form factor, longevity, compliance, price, and performance.

Plan for Stability

One thing you can count on with technology is change. Advantec proactively anticipates and plans for revisions and end of life transitions to minimize the impacts of change on your system.

Solutions That Deliver

Supply disruptions and delivery delays can impact your time-to-market, product cost, even revenue. When demand and deadline meet, Advantec delivers on time and on budget.

A Program for Success

Advantec takes the worry out of custom computer system planning and production so you can focus on your business.

Project-Based Solutions

When your needs for a purpose-built computer solution occur on project-by-project basis, Advantec can quote, build and deliver to your specifications to meet your deadline and price point.

Program-Based Solutions

When you require a stable computer platform across several years with few or no scheduled revision cut-ins, Advantec's program management and strict revision control offer stability over the life of your device

From Concept to Delivery

Advantec ensures that your complex challenges are transformed into a solution that meets your specifications.

Transforming Your idea

Working with you to determine your specialized requirements is a critical first step. Whether the process begins with your functional requirements, your detailed BOM, or somewhere in-between, our close collaboration results in a defined project scope and proposal for transforming your challenges into an effective purpose-built solution for the lifespan you need.


In a cooperative engineering process, we evaluate your system requirements to engineer, prototype, and test to your specifications. We work with trusted suppliers to source compatible high-quality components, lock down the system BOM, and create detailed build documents to deliver a solution that's consistent and repeatable and built for the lifecycle of the end product.


Advantec's scalable, volume production process follows best practices and the detailed engineering build documents to deliver consistent, high-quality assembly, software imaging, testing, Q/C, and burn-in in accordance with your requirements.


From inventory management services to freight services to packaging and branding services, Advantec can cover your logistics needs.


From depot repair, onsite service, cross-ships, spares stock, and hard-drive retention to other customized support, Advantec can design a service program for you that is cost-effective and keeps your customers happy.


Advantec's ISO 9001 certified processes, ESD facility, and strict adherence to industry best practices and standards, we leverage our customer-centric Flexbuilt® operations model to enable continuous improvement.