Industry Solutions

The distinct technology, life cycle, and logistics challenges of your product drive your need for a customized system solution.

Advantec specializes in the planning and production of purpose-built computer solutions that address your unique and often complex challenges – including specialized requirements such as compliance and performance that are influenced by the industry that you're in. Regardless of your industry, Advantec can provide a purpose-built solution for you.

Our customers include organizations in the following markets:

Medical Devices

In the medical device industry, device consistency is paramount and change is unwelcome.

Our engineers work closely with our medical device customers to develop custom computer systems that deliver the exacting specifications that the industry demands. Advantec's ISO 9001-certified processes ensure the highest levels of consistency in hardware assembly and software imaging – enabling customers to meet and maintain essential compliance with strict government and medical industry regulations over the life of their equipment.

Advantec's lifecycle management process ensures a consistent and predictable supply of components, and is a proactive approach that minimizes the impacts of change on the system.

Industrial Tools and Automation

Advantec works with customers in the industrial tools and automation market to address their unique product challenges – which include 24/7 cycles, high vibration, environmental factors, and embedded systems with long lifecycles.

Advantec's purpose-built designs for this market can accommodate unusual form factors, non-standard I/O interfaces, higher performance, specialized displays, and quiet/fan-free operation. Our lifecycle management and custom service programs keep critical uptime high and product changes to a minimum.

Security and Surveillance

From crowd control to threat detection and management to safety monitoring, the reliability -of security and surveillance systems is critical.

Advantec helps customers address the specialized challenges of these systems and ensure their reliability and serviceability. Our unique lifecycle management process anticipates and plans for change to minimize impacts to system cost, downtime, and regulatory compliance – through the full product lifecycle.

Simulation and Training

Advantec specializes in purpose-built computer systems and components optimized for Simulation and Training environments. We are experts in the S&T industry with over two decades of experience building systems for Live, Virtual and Constructive simulation environments including – combat tactical trainers, aviation trainers, driver trainers, industrial equipment trainers, mobile trainers, and law enforcement.