Supply Chain Services

In the design phase, Advantec engineers assess your specific system requirements and work closely with our suppliers to identify high-quality, reliable, long-life components for your systems.

After our stringent testing and prototyping processes are complete, your system's BOM is locked down and Advantec's purchasing team leverages our buying power and relationships with trusted suppliers to procure your components.

Because every customer's needs are different, Advantec works with you to customize a component-level supply strategy and the logistics services that you need to ensure on-time delivery:

  • Kanban Stocking – Advantec keeps an "on-the-shelf" stock of your finished systems that are ready to ship when you need them. Components and finished systems are replenished as you use them.
  • Scheduled Orders – Whether you require one finished system to ship each week or one hundred to ship each month, Advantec manages the component supply and build schedule to get your systems delivered on time.
  • Component Lead-Time Management – Components with long or erratic lead times can impact how quickly your system can be assembled. Advantec helps you eliminate long or unpredictable lead times by stocking third-party inventories or your customer-owned component inventory so that those components are available when you need them.

Advantec supply chain management delivers the critical reliability and flexibility over the lifetime of your end-user product so that you get what you need – on time.