advantec_headquartersAdvantec Computer is a leading provider of custom computer systems for change resistant markets.

For over two decades, our customers have relied on our quality processes and deep engineering expertise to custom design, manufacture, and deliver purpose-built computer solutions.

Today, we continue to provide exceptional solutions for businesses of all sizes throughout North America. Headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, our ISO 9001-certified facility supports the custom planning and production needs of our customers, along with significant value-added advantages – including:

  • End-to-end processes that guide you from concept to delivery to post-sales service
  • Program Management services that proactively anticipate and plan for change
  • Life Cycle management programs customized to support your specific product needs
Deep Industry Experience

Advantec purpose-built solutions support customers in a range of diverse markets, including medical devices, security and surveillance, industrial tools, and automation.

Extending Your Capabilities

An extension of our customers' engineering and integration operations, Advantec takes the worry – and the overhead – out of custom computer system planning and production.

We'll help you understand and overcome technology, life cycle, and logistics challenges, and we'll transform your specialized requirements into high-quality, purpose-built solutions that works.