Lifecycle Management Services

One thing you can count on with technology is change. And, when change is inevitable, planning matters.

Advantec engineers begin in the early design phase to identify high-quality, reliable, long-life components from our broad network of competent suppliers. In addition to our customized component-level supply strategy and logistics services, Advantec proactive BOM management supports you through your full product lifecycle to ensure a consistent and predictable supply of components, with viable options for seamless transitions when parts are discontinued.

Our Lifecycle Management services include:

  • Component-level tracking – a sophisticated system that tracks every component of every finished Advantec system
  • End-of-Life (EOL) projections – enables proactive planning for anticipated component phase-outs
  • Advanced notification of change – minimizes the impact of component EOL on system lifecycle and downtime with preventive procurement options:
    • Last Time Buy (LTB) – a strategic purchase of existing components to carry through the lifecycle of the existing system(s)
    • Replacement Strategy – includes early testing and validation of alternate and non-disruptive components for compliance with your existing system, your specifications, and with applicable industry regulations
    • Revision Control

Advantec Program Management is a proactive approach that minimizes the impacts of change throughout the lifecycle of your system.