Program Management

Starting well before the first shipment, and extending well past end-of-life of your delivered device, Advantec's powerful Program Management services ensure stability and long term deliverability of your purpose-built computer systems and components.

A stable, successful, program requires requires knowledgeable people with deep experience, access to up-to-date information and analysis, modern applications, a diverse network of suppliers and sources, and strict adherence to documented process. As an ISO 9001 certified company with a well-developed Knowledge Management System (KMS), a massive network of partners, and decades of experience, Advantec offers our customers world-class Program Management services.

Offering mutual visibility to goals, timetables, inventory, finished goods, forecasts, roadmaps, revision changes and more, your program allows us to make adjustments to your needs, help plan your next moves, and to measure our past performance as part of our continuous improvement process.

As the lifecycle of your system ages, Advantec delivers the reliability and flexibility you need with supply chain services (including component-level supply strategies, Kanban stocking, scheduled orders, inventory financing, and customer-owned component inventories), lifecycle management (proactive BOM management, controlled engineering changes, and advance EOL notifications), and logistics (third-party bundling, kitting, and blind/drop and flexible freight shipping).

Managing complexity within the Advantec's cohesive Program Management offering unburdens your company, lowers costs, and improves product delivery and quality.